Picasso Moon

Picasso Moon

Postby pinkfloyd188 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 7:09 pm

searched for this, couldn't find it. i figured out parts of it, but as a bassist, i don't do very well with chord structures and whatnot. the ones i'm unsure of have a question mark after them. here ya have it.

by the way, the version i'm working off of can be found here

Code: Select all
intro riff:


South of Market in the land of ruin
You'll find all manner of action
Got your tinsel tigers in the metal room
Stalking satisfaction
They got them packaged up for love and money
Tatooed tots, chrome spike bunnies
Pop on my mirrored shades, the better to see
And roll on in, gonna roll in it, honey

  D                       B
I get a feeling like when big things collide
     D                             B
Like the crack before the thunder, like I really ought to hide
     D                  B
Here comes metal angel, she looks ready to ride
What's that she's tryin' to show me?
What's that she's tryin' to show me?

E             F#        E
Picasso moon, shattered light
E                 F#           E
Diamond bullets ripping up the night
E               F#      E
Picasso moon, liberate me
C# ?
Ah, life's infinite diversity
C# ?
Great, amazing, majesty
C# ?
And it's bigger than a drive-in movie, oo-wee
C# ?
And it's bigger than a drive-in movie, oo-wee

if i missed an original post, delete this topic and link me to the other one. thanks in advance.
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Postby waldo041 » Wed Jan 03, 2007 4:19 pm

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