Musicians in Salt Lake City?

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Musicians in Salt Lake City?

Postby Utah Joe » Mon Jan 21, 2013 9:43 am

Greetings all. I've been posting off and on for a while but have ever formally introduced myself. I've been playing guitar for a number of years but have never really progressed beyond intermediate proficiency, mostly from lack of practice, ambition, etc. Within the past couple of years I've rekindled my passion for music but still lack sufficient time to play solo due to family and work demands (anyone with a 3-year old knows that they are not long amused by watching daddy play guitar). In any case, I'd like to meet other musicians in a similar situation who would like to get together 1-2x/week. I have no illusions of fame and fortune but want to connect with others who have a similar desire to improve their musical skills because I've decided that the only way to progress is through jamming. I obviously like the Dead but also have an interest in blues. I'm still getting my rig set up but have a '73 strat, Taylor 710, a Mesa TA-30 1x12, and assorted pedals. If anyone lives in the Salt Lake City area and would like to meet shoot me a PM.
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