Help a Head Win a Summer Gig!

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Help a Head Win a Summer Gig!

Postby TheDireWolf1 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:49 pm

hey all...

I'm a law student at Fordham in NY. I'm taking a Marketing for Lawyers class and we're teaming up with LexisNexis who owns a blogging site. Basically, we're all blogging about a topic of our choosing, and whoever gets the most shares, comments, likes, and tweets will win a summer part-time writing gig.

I chose online gambling (will make plenty of Dead lyric references in my future posts) and would love the support of the community in helping me win! It's a 20 person class, so with your help it should be pretty easy. Here's the link to my first blog post: ... -gambling/

If you scroll to the bottom you can see the social media links to like/share/comment/tweet.

I also have a twitter account for the blog at TheDireWolf1.

Thanks heads!
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