Equalizer for Dead Listening?

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Equalizer for Dead Listening?

Postby claytushaywood » Fri Oct 14, 2011 12:45 pm

didnt know where to post something like this... but here it is. I was listening to some 80's soundboard today. sounded like it got the quick run through mix down. and i realized that i wouid love to eq this sucker big time, i know bad ass home stereos with mcintosh power amps and eq's were big during the 80's but now i dont think i know of one equalizer made for home stereos, so its either ebay or getting a rack unit from GC or musicians friend or something. i would use it a lot listening to live recordings of all types. and speaking of mix downs- does anyone know why the Rockin the Rhein release sounds so much bigger and fatter and better mixed than anything (that i've heard) released by the dead?

do any of you guys like to change your eq for individual shows? or use an eq on your home stereo? do you have a recommendation for me? id really love to be more precise than my receivers 2 band eq.
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