SOLD Weber NeoMag™ 12” speaker, 8 ohms

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SOLD Weber NeoMag™ 12” speaker, 8 ohms

Postby Jon S. » Sun Dec 08, 2013 3:34 pm


Exc. condition, great sounding, no issues Weber NeoMag™ Series 12” speaker, 8 ohms. $89 CONUS PayPal/insured/double-box shipped. This is a great choice for someone wanting JBL D-series tone in a light package but with a bit off the top end/smoother overdrive (paper cap). Info. below is from the Weber site.

Pics follow (if the pics get "cut off" in your browser, right click and open them in new tabs).

NeoMag™ 12

8-1/2lb (3.86Kg)
12-1/8" (30.79cm) diameter, 3-3/4" (9.52cm) deep

Replacement for BF and SF Twins, replaces JBL D120 and D120F

12", 4" NeoMag™ magnet circuit and single layer voice coil with edgewound aluminum wire designed to have the same magnet circuit energy and voice coil force characteristics as the original AlNiCo D120 and D120F.

Broad, smooth, uncolored, strong low end. Available with paper or aluminum dome, original curved all paper cone, cloth edge curved cone, or cloth edge bass cone. Additionally, the long two layer copper wire voice coil is available for the bass version upon request.

NOTE: The polarity is reversed from typical Weber Speakers, just like JBL speakers. RED IS NEGATIVE, BLACK IS POSITIVE.





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Re: Weber NeoMag™ Series 12” speaker, 8 ohms

Postby ricepr » Mon Dec 09, 2013 2:54 pm

I'll snag this
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