FOR SALE: GFS Twin Clean Drive pedal

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FOR SALE: GFS Twin Clean Drive pedal

Postby Deadhead85 » Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:13 pm

Hey now!

I have a GFS Twin Clean Drive guitar pedal for sale. This pedal has two channels, the first emulates a blackfase twin, while channel two emulates a 60s Marshall Amp. If your using a solid state amp, and unable to get a tube amp...this pedal is perfect! This belonged to my lead guitar player in my band, and is less than a year old. He bought it, used it for a couple of gigs, and got a very nice deal on an acutal 65 Twin he no longer needs this. It sounds incredible and really adds a nice Fender tube like tone to your amp! It's MINT condition, not a scratch on it, no velcro...LIKE NEW! The link to the actual product is below, if you'd like pictures of the one I'm selling I can take some and email them to you. I assure you though, its in brand new condition (comes with box). Any questions, feel free to ask. I'm asking $50 (plus $10 shipping).
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