Tab Creator Version 1.5

Tab Creator Version 1.5

Postby phpbb » Wed Jan 18, 2006 8:25 am

I've placed a new version of the tabcreator out there. (or you can use the link on the main page)

This has a bunch of fixes, and has a few new features. Most of the work is "under the hood", in preparation for version 2.0, but here's some new things you can do:

1> Change Spacing: There is now a drop down allowing you to choose the spacing between notes.

2> Numbered Patterns: Instead of a colored dot after you press a note, you see a dot with a number representing the note's sequence. This works on chord's too.

3> Really Simple playback: Press the playback button and watch what happens. This may not be very useful now, but it will get better.

4> Refresh fretboard: Cleans up the fretboard by replacing the numbered dots after you do a playback.

5> I tried to make it look more like a guitar. I am no graphics expert, so I won't be offended when you laugh, but it's been growing on me...

But really, most of this was making the "engine" a bit more flexible so that I can add some more functionality in just a little bit.

Also - Let me know what bugs I missed.
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