Favorite Chords

Favorite Chords

Postby 35FLA » Mon Jun 11, 2007 10:02 am

Dm has always been a fav of mine,

Em7 and F#m.... hey wait thats comes a time
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Postby shakedown_04092 » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:04 am

As far as soloing goes, I like Dm as well, and Am too. I've been very fond of the 9th lately, especially Eb9, and also E7+9....cool chord and very dissonant, fun to play with.
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Postby tigerstrat » Mon Jun 11, 2007 11:58 am

The sub-tonic is my favorite. Also love the sub-dominant... those are my two favorites.
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Postby Rev_Roach » Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:19 pm

tigerstrat wrote:The sub-tonic is my favorite. Also love the sub-dominant... those are my two favorites.

I'm fuzzy on those names. I guess subdominant is IV, but what is subtonic? Is it the lowered VII like Fire On the Mt or just another word for leading tone? If it is the former, than I am a big fan as well.

I've also always liked iii, which if i remember correctly is the mediant. (Think Peggy-O)
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Postby Shaggy » Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:19 pm

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Postby IamDocWatson » Mon Jun 11, 2007 5:59 pm

i like augmented chords and 9's and m6 but really i mean i like G C D, im a folk bluegrass guy, my majors and minors are great its all what u get out of them
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