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Postby abspatz » Mon May 22, 2006 9:48 pm

I've found myself listening to Leftover Salmon quite a bit in the past month or so and trying to figure out their tunes....and unfortunatly i can't find anything online so i'm forced to try to figure it out myself! :? (although thats probably a good thing for me.)

anyhow, there are a few tunes i'm really diggin right now and i can't get down their licks specifically...i'm sure somebody on here listens to them also and has some tips.

1) Unplug That Telephone. (from the live album, i love the acoustic intro.) from what I can tell, its mainly C, F, and G. anyone?
2) Head Bag. I'm kinda clueless on this one.
3) Troubled Times, from "Nashville Sessions"..think its D, C, G...with an A thrown in for good measure.

Any help is appreciated!
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