Bluegrass Songbooks

Bluegrass Songbooks

Postby mutant_dan » Tue Feb 07, 2006 10:34 am

This one is pretty cool. Uses the Nashville Method. ... ngbook.pdf

This one has a data transfer throttle and might not be available if everyone hammers it at the same time. It was created by a bluegrass band in Japan, you might find some of the songs have an asain twist to them.

Get them while you can. I am not sure how long they will be around.
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Postby mutant_dan » Tue Feb 07, 2006 11:27 am

Here is a copy of some old fiddle players chord changes. I think what is listed after the = is the chorus or B section...

Angeline the Baker /D///G/D//DG/D/
Drowsy Maggie /Em/EmD/Em/D/=/DA/D/DA/G/DA/D//Em/
Arkansas Traveler /DG/AD//EA/DG/AD/DG/AD/=/DG/DA/DG/EA/DG/DA/DG/AD/
Lady's Fancy (E)
Ashokan Farewell /D/F#m/G/Em/D/Bm/G/A/D/=/D/F#m/G/D//Bm/A//D/C/G/D//Bm/A/D/
Morning Dew /Em/EmD/Em/D/Em/EmD/Em/D/
Banks of the Ohio /D//A////D////G//D/DA/D/
Belle of Lexington /D///A/D/G/D/=/D///A/D/G/A/D/
Billy in the Lowground /C//Am//C//Am/GC/=/C//Am//C//Am/GC/=/C//Am//C////F/C/Am/
Big Liza Jane (D)
Chinese Breakdown /C///G////C////F/G//C/=/C///G///C////F/G//C/
Black-Eyed Susan /D/G/DA/D/=/D/G/D/D/
Indian Eat the Woodchuck /C/CF/G////GC/=/C/GC//GC/C/GC/C/GC/
Bonaparte X-ing Rhine /D///G/D/A//D///G/DA/D/ = /D//G/D/G/D/A//D//G/DA/D/
Bonaparte's Retreat /D/DADD/D/DADD/=/DA/DDAD/D/DA/DDAD/
Barlow Knife /G/D/G///D/C/G/=/C/G/C/G/C/G/D/G/=/D/G/D/G/D/G/D/G/
Chicken Reel /D//AD/=/D//AD/
Big Sciota /G/////C/GD/G/=/G/D//C///GD/G/
Cuckoo's Nest /D//C//D/DG/A/D/=/D/A/C/G/D/DG/A/D/
Buffalo Gals /G//D/G///D/G/=/G//D/G///D/G/
Dry and Dusty /D///////=////A/D///
Cacklin' Hen /G/////D//G/=/G///DG/////DG/
Dubuque /D//G/DA/D//G/AD/=/D//G//D///AD/
Circle Be Unbroken /G//C/G///DA/D/=/G//C/G/CCm/G/GD/G/
Durang's Hornpipe /D/GA//A/D/GD/DA/D/D/DG/E/AE/A//DA/D/
Colored Aristocracy /G//Em//C/G/A/D/=/G/Em//C/G/A/D/G/
Eighth of January /D/G/A/D/=/D///AD/
Dill Pickle Rag /G//Em//D//GE/AD/G/=/D/G/D/G/D/G/A/D/G/=/C//G/C///D/G/C//G/C/Am//DG/C/
Western Country /D/////A/D/=/D/G/D/A/D/G/A/D/
Dixie Breakdown (G)
Fat Meat and Dumplin's /D/A//D/G/A/D/=/D/D/A//D/G/A/D/
Flop-Eared Mule /G//D/G///D/G/=/D//A/D///A/D/
Fiddler's Reel (D)
Girl I Left Behind, The /G/CD/G/D/G/CA/D/G/=/G///D/G/CA/D/G/
Fisher's Hornpipe /DG///DA/DG//DA/D/=/A/D/A/D/G/D/GA/D/
Go Tell Aunt Rhody /G-DG/
Foldin' Down the Sheets /DA/D/GD/AD/=/A//AG/AD/
Green River (G)
Forked Deer /D/G/D/A/D/G/DG/AD/=/A///D/A//DG/AD/
Green River March (G)
Fortune /D///A/D/G/A/D/=/D///A/D/G/A/D/
Have You Seen the Devil? /G///D/G//C/D/=/G///D/G//C/D/G/
Golden Slippers /D///A////D/=/D//G//A//D/
Hop-High Ladies /G///D/G//C/D/=/G///D/G//C/D/G/
Green Willis /D//A//D//A//D/=/D//Gem/A/D/DG/A/D/
Jack Broke Da Prison Door /Gem/AmD/Gem/AmD/=/G/GD/Gem/AmD/
Harvest Home /D//A//D//A/D/=/A////D//A/D/
Jesse James /G/CG/GBm/Dam/G/CG/GA/G/C/G/GE/AD/G/CGEm/GAD/G/
Hawks and Eagles /D//A//D//A/D/
Katy Hill /G///DG/G//GD/G/G///DG/G//GD/G/=/G///DG////DG/G////DG////DG/
I'll Fly Away /D-GD/--AD://
Keep on the Sunny Side /GCG-/--D-/--G-/D-G-/
Jaybird /D//A//D//GA/D/=/G/D/E/A/G/D/GA/D/
Leather Britches /G///D/G//CA/DG/=/G///DG////DG/
Johnson Boys (D)
Maggie Brown's Favorite /Gem/Cam/D/G/Gem/Cam/D/G/=/GD/C/Gem/D/GD/Em/DA/D/CG/DG/AmG/D/Gem/AmD/GD/G/
Jordan Hard Road Travel /DA/GD/D/A/DA/GD/DA/D/=/D/GD/D/A/D/GD/D/AD/
Magpie /G//D/G///D/G/=/G//C/D/G//CD/G/
Julianne Johnson /D///A/D//A//=/G///D/G//A//
Miss McLeod's Reel /G///D/G//C/D/=/G///D/G//C/D/G/
Ladies Waist Ribbon /D//DG/D///A/D/=/A///AD/A///AD/
My Sunny Home in Dixie (G)
Lady of the Lake /D//A////D/=/D///A////D/
Red Wing /G//C/G/CD/Gem/A/D/G/=/C//G//D//G//C//G//D//G/
Lafayette (D)
Sail Away Ladies /G/Em/C/G//Am/D/G/=/G/Am/D/G/
Liberty D//G//D//GA/D/=/D///A/D//GA/D/
Sailor's Hornpipe /G//A/D/GE/CA/D/G/=/G/C/A/D/GE/C/A/D/G/
Martha Campbell /D///A/D/G/A/AD/=/D/G/D/A/D/G/A/AD/
Sandy River Bell (Belle) /G///GD/DG///DG/=/G///D/G///DG/
Midnight on the Water /D////DG/D/A/D/=/D////Em//Bm//G//D//DG/D/A/D/
Senneca Square Dance (G)
Mississippi Sawyer /D//G//D//A/D/=/D//A//D//A/D/
Shoes and Stockings (G)
Mole in the Ground /DA/D/G/D//GD/DA/D/
Skip to My Lou /G//D//G//D/G/
Molly Put the Kelle On /D/A/D/DA/D/A/D/AD//A/D/AD//A/D/AD/
Sourwood Mountain /G///DG/=/C/G/D/G/C/G//DG/
Money Musk //D/DA/A/AD/=D/DG/D/A/D/DG/A/AD/=/D/GA/A/AD/D/CA/A/AD/
Stony Point /G/GD/G/GD/G/GD/G/DG/=/Em/Dem//Dem//
Morpeth Rant /D/GA/D/A/D/GA/DG/AD/=/D/Gem/A/D//Gem/A/D/
Temperance Reel /G//Em/D/G//Em/DG/=/Em//D//Em///DG/
Needle Case (D)
Turkey in the Straw /G///D/G///DG/=/G//C//G/GD/G/DG/
Old French /D//A/D///A/D/=/A//G/A///D/A/
Twinkle Little Star //G//C/G///A/D/G//C/G///D/G/
Old Molly Hare /DG/A/DG/AD/=/DG/DA/DG/AD/
Walkin' In My Sleep /G///D//C/GD/G/=/G///D////G/
Over the Waterfall /DG/D/DA/D/DG/D/C/G/=/DG/D/DA/D/DG/D/DA/D/
Waterbound (G)
Saro /D//////A/D/=/D//////A/D/
Weave and Way (G)
Ragtime Annie /D///A////D/=/D///Em/A///D///DC/G//D/A/D/=/G/C/D/G//C/D/G/
Worried Man Blues /G/C--G//D--G/
Richmond Cotillion /D//A//D//A//D/=/A//E//A//E/A/
Rickett's Hornpipe /D/A/Dem/EA/D/A/DA/D/=/D/Gem//EA/D/A/DA/D/
Bill Cheatham /A//D//A//D/EA/=/AD/EA/AD/AE/AD/EA/AD/EA/
Robinson county /D///A/D//A/D/=/D/G/D/A/D/G/A/D/
Boatin' Up Sandy /GD/A/GD/E/GD/A/AmG/Am/AmG/Am/AmG/Am/AmG/Am/
Rock the Cradle Joe /D/////A/D/=/A/D/G/D/A/D/GA/D/
Cherokee Shuffle /A///F#m/D/A/AE/A/=/D/A/D/A/D/A//F#m/DE/A/
Rye Straw (D)/A///D/A///D/=/AD///A/AD///D/
Cluck Old Hen /AG///EA/=/AC/AG/A/EA/
Sail Away Ladies /Em/////=/Em//EmG/Em///EmG/
Cold Frosty Morning /Am//G//Am//AmG/Am/=/A//G//Am//Am/G/Am/
Sally Anne /D/G/A/D//G/A/D/
Cripple Creek /A/DA//EA/A/DA//EA/=/A///EA/
Shifting Sands (D)
Falls of Richmond /Am/Gam/Gam/Am/G/Am/Gam/=/G/Am/Gam/=/A///=/DA///
Shooting Creek /D///A/D/=/D///AD/
Goodbye Liza Jane /AE/AD/A/E/AE/AD/AE/A/=/A//AE/A///AE/A/
Sinful to Flirt (D)
Growling Old Man /Am/G/Am/Gam/=/A/G/A/G/A/G/Am/EmAm/
Snowflake Reel /D//A//D//A/D/=/D//Bb//D//A/D/
Soldier and the Lady (D)
June Apple /A//G//A//G/A/=/A//G/D/A//GE/A/
Soldier's Joy /D///A/D//DA/D/=/D/GA/D/A/D/GA/DA/D/
Kitchen Girl /AG/A//E/AG/A/GE/A/
Spotted Pony /DA/DG/D/A/=/D///A/D//DA/D/
Little Liza Jane /A///F#m/A/DA/AE/A/=/A///F#m/F#Me/E//A/
St. Anne's Reel /D//G/D///GA/D/
Little Rabbit /A/AE/AD/A/=/A///EA/=/A//AD/EA/=/AD/A/AD/A/AD/A/AE/A/=/A///
Staten Island Hornpipe /D//GD/A/D//GA/D/=/DG/DA/C//DG/DA/GA/D/
Miller's Reel /AD/EA/A//AD/EA/AD/EA/=/A/B/E/BE/A/DA/DA/EA/
Sugar Hill /D/AD//G/D/AD//D/=/D///G/D//DA/D/
Money Musk /A/AE/E/EA/=/A/AE/E/EA/=/A/AD/A/E/A/AD/E/EA/=/A/DE/E/EA/A/GE/E/EA/
The Maid Behind the Bar D//Bm/BmA/D//BmG/A/D/=/D//Em/A/D//BmG/AD/
Monroe's Hornpipe /AD/EA/AD/EA/AD/EA/AD/EA/=/A///AD/A///EA/
Too Young To Marry /DA/D/DG/A/DG/DA/DA/D/=/D///A/D/G/DA/D/
Old Joe Clark /A///G/A//AE/A/=/A///G/A//AE/A/
West Fork Gals /D/Em/A/D//Em/A/AD/=/D//A///D/DA/D/
Red Haired Boy /A/AD/A/G/A/AD/A/EA/=/G/GD/A/G/A/AD/A/EA/
Whiskey Before Breakfast /D//GD/A/D/GD/AD/=/D/A///DA/GD//AD/
Sally Goodin /A///EA/=/A///EA/A///EA/
Wildwood Flower /D/AD/D//AD//GD/D/AD/
Sally in the Garden /Am///G/Am///Gem/Am/=/Am///E/Am/AmG/Gem/Am/
Yellow Barber /D//A/AD//GD//AD/=/D//A//D/G/D/AD/
Shenandoah Falls /A/AD/Abm/E/A/AD/AE/A/=/Bm/BmE/A/F#m/Bm/BmE/AE/A/
Yellow Rose of Texas /D////G/D/A/D/=D//A//D//A/D/
Tater Patch /DG/DG/A//DG/DG/AE/A/=/G//AE/A/
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Postby mikeohiostate » Tue Feb 07, 2006 6:07 pm

cool, thanks for sharing
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Postby mutant_dan » Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:47 am

Looks like the songbook has been removed. You can find copies in the file section of the Kenny Archive.
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Postby shakedown_04092 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 11:01 am

God, I miss Kenny. Man, he was smart. What ever....never mind, I think I've heard the excuses...

Anyways, I checked out that Bill Monroe song book, right...but are there are no chords to the songs? How might one go about getting the chords? (forgive me if I am missing something...)

But back to Kenny for a sec. Just reading some of his old posts is inspiring. Makes me want to go grab my guitar right now and practice some of the stuff he talks about. But I'm at work, so the pain of waiting will have to endure for at least another 5 hours :(
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