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Postby Pete B. » Wed Mar 31, 2010 8:03 am

tigerstrat wrote:
Pete B. wrote:It needs a rehab due to at least one knob being non-functional, and it looks like it has been rode hard and put away wet many a time....
But it's a Mutron Phaser II!... (which fills out my MuTron trilogy).

Pete did you open it up to see what's up with that pot? It probably just needs to be re-soldered to the board, common failure in Mu's. Bring it on over one of these Thursdays...

Thanks for the offer T. I probably should have opened it up and checked it out, as you say.
I sent that pedal off to for a full rehab.
It works fine now, but for whatever reason, it has a very short power cord (wish he woulda replaced that with one like on the Octave Divider).
'Not sure if that is original, but it looks like it is.
All's well that ends well, though!... Waiting For A Miracle sounds sweet!
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Re: Pedal Review: Phasers

Postby pablomago » Thu Jun 13, 2013 4:12 pm

I also have a Mutron Phasor II. Nothing compares. Too bad it's so huge.

Check out the Whirlwind Orange Box Phaser. Designed by the guy who designed the original MXR pedals. Has LED and power jack and comes in a black velvet bag. (Pretty classy for somthing you're going to be stepping on! 8) )
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