What kind of gear does everyone have?

Re: What kind of gear does everyone have?

Postby kbdeadhead » Thu Feb 07, 2013 2:37 pm

Moriarty Wolf (Circa 1978), OBEL and Unity Gain Buffer onboard;
Two Mike Hogan (Hard Truckers style) Birch bark 2X12 cabinets;
4 JBL E120 speakers,
McIntosh MC2300 amp;
Groove Tubes Trio preamp;
ADA Multi-effects;
Aleisis reverb;
Korg tuner;
Furman power conditioner;
Mutron III envelope filter;
MXR Phase 100;
MXR D+ distortion pedal;
Boss Octave pedal;
Boss Overdrive pedal;
Boss Turbo Overdrive pedal;
Boss EQ7 equalizer

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Re: What kind of gear does everyone have?

Postby easytoslip » Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:39 pm

lol BALLS!
I'm keeping it simple for now--had a bunch of guitars, pedals, amps, even a banjo at one point, but have scaled down to basics:
Ovation Balladeer acoustic
'77 Les Paul Standard
Bugera (Behringer) Vintage 5 amp

It's not a lot of flash but I really really love these guitars and amp.
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