New Band Recommendation

New Band Recommendation

Postby jck_strw » Wed Oct 27, 2004 8:22 am

RailRoad Earth. Really great band from what I've heard. I was scanning and found a RailRoad Earth Sampler:

1. Dandelion Wine
2. Bird in a House
3. Smilin Like a Buddha
4. Stillwater Getaway
5. Came up Smilin
6. Hunting Song
7. Seven Story Mountain
8. Peace

I've heard of these guys for a couple of years, but I never heard their music till now. Very stringbandy with some Grateful Dead funkiness to it. Song #3 is excellent! If you're into torrents and such, this sampler is still available:

I'm always looking for good new music, so I though I'd pass it along. - Tapelist
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