Officially Released Acoustic Live Dead Question

Officially Released Acoustic Live Dead Question

Postby Rodeo Clown » Tue Sep 21, 2004 7:02 am

I really like the first disc of "Dick's Picks Volume 8." Is there any other acoustic live Dead that's been officially released besides that and the "Reckoning" album?
Rodeo Clown

Postby Yesterdays gone home » Tue Sep 21, 2004 1:13 pm

Yes Bears Choice comes to mind, I have a copy..always a hidden gem I think.

The Acoustic songs on there are:

Katie Mae- Pigpen on acoustic guitar.
Dark Hollow
I've been all around this world
Wake Up Little Susie
Black Peter

Then you have some electric stuff:

Smokestack Lightnin
Hard To Handle
Good Lovin
Big Boss Man
Sitting On Top Of The World

So more or less a Pigpen Blues fest!! But the acoustic stuff is great, a real treat.
Yesterdays gone home

more acoustic

Postby jhc » Tue Nov 23, 2004 9:43 pm

The remastered Reckoning (right now only seems to be available as part of a box set but I bet it will be available individually later) has quite a lot of bonus acoustic tracks - Iko Iko, El Paso, Sage & Sprirt, Little Sadie, Oh Babe It Aint No Lie, Heaven Help The Fool, Tom Dooley from 1978 (not sure this is acoustic), and other versions of the songs on the original Reckoning.
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