Was watching a couple of jdarks vids the other day...

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Was watching a couple of jdarks vids the other day...

Postby old man down » Wed Nov 12, 2008 1:58 pm

They're the ones he added this past summer, my first view of them, his trip to the Beacon to see Ratdog with an appreciative Back Stage Pass. It's amazing how he can keep coming up with really great new material to invite us along for the ride with, and I won't give away the story's plotline in case you haven't seen them.

But what I really liked was seeing some recent video of Bobby on Playing in the Band, with those cutting lyrics and staccato guitar riffs after each quip. And the descending stairstep note forays to never ever land that they served up so well.

Weir looked resplendent in a white shirt under the blue white lights for that song. His voice still has that clear rasp to it, the vocals so cleanly pronounced, and he still cocks his head to one side when he sings. Why, he even was playing his guitar with what looked like one hand tied behind his back at times.

Gotta love Playing in the Band. It's one for the ages. Personally, I've been working on it myself for over twenty years now and know firsthand what a jewel of a song it really is. :smile:
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