Ending Fall 2011 in the Midwest!

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Ending Fall 2011 in the Midwest!

Postby claytushaywood » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:36 pm

Very stoked to see so many of the final fall 2011 shows landing right to the north of me (in Kentucky). but was planning on buying tickets today and only found some in Columbus! Was hoping for Indy and St. Louis... anybody got any extras or know if it's sold out? furthur page doesnt say so, and ticketmaster isn't saying so explicitly, but no tix are showing up for the "whatever's available option" I've gotten into every dead show i've gone to without tickets, but Indy is the last show (STL 2nd to last) of the tour and i dont know if that will mean the wooks wont be selling!
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