Garcia Tiger Origin

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Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby Thomas Lieber » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:12 am

We have been busy updating our web site. I have included a Garcia page with some insights along with pics as to the origin of Jerry’s “Garcia Tiger” ( Located in the Guitar menu) We will add more pictures and information as time allows, enjoy.
Thomas Lieber
Thomas Lieber
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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby playingdead » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:18 am

Fantastic info and photos, Thomas!
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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby Emoto » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:41 am

Very cool, Tom.
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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby Pete B. » Fri Apr 10, 2009 8:48 am

Great Pics!

Do you have a YouTube demo or any sound clips demo'ing the LG-74 (tonal options, etc)?
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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby strumminsix » Fri Apr 10, 2009 11:18 am

wow! awesome!
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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby jonarobb » Fri Apr 10, 2009 11:51 am

Really digging that stuff Thomas, thank you! Those photos of The Garcia are beautiful!!!

Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby waldo041 » Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:46 pm


pretty cool of you to put the info out there.


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Re: Garcia Tiger Origin

Postby tigerstrat » Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:30 pm

jonarobb wrote:Really digging that stuff Thomas, thank you! Those photos of The Garcia are beautiful!!!

That might be the most beautiful guitar I've ever seen. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's like an even nicer version of Tiger. The wood selected for those body wings is just incredible.
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