Just got mine:)

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Just got mine:)

Postby Tbrogit » Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:45 pm

So i just won a MC50 on eBay. Very excited of course. I will try not to rehash but have some basic questions. Until I receive Im not sure what to expect but will at some point have it checked out of course. Anyone know of someone I can trust in the Virginia area. Would like not to ship if possible. Will Mcintosh service these? I will do some mods myself such as replacing the rca for 1/4 input but will avoid any risky maneuvers. I have a Blues Deluxe with a EV in it now that I was thinking of going out into the MC50 until I can get one of those sweet SMS's. Love the idea of a single unit rack. So stoked to start building my rig one piece at a time:) Been drying the maple and purple heart for some time now so thats coming next!

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Re: Just got mine:)

Postby Jon S. » Thu Jun 13, 2013 8:16 pm

An MC50 is small and relatively lightweight. They're simple to ship. I live in VA, too. The best places to service yours aren't in VA. If & when you're ready to ship, try Pat Hickman at http://classictubeaudio.com/ . He did a fine job with mine.

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