MC-250 cord swap?

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Re: MC-250 cord swap?

Postby Smolder » Sat Jul 14, 2012 6:55 am

waldo041 wrote:fact is, you only need 1 earth ground within your rig and anymore is only providing a second path that can and usually does create a hum. if you are wanting to ensure you do not get lit up by the mic, a continuity tester with one probe on the ground pin(pin 1= earth pin) of the mic cable and one to your ground pin of your rigs outlet usually will tell you if you have the potential of getting shocked.


very much appreciate the expertise here waldo. i think i'll keep my chassis' grounded. i haven't had a ground loop hum problem I couldn't solve on the front end. most of the time i play with two amps. as i get closer to a component rig i will reassess.
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